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The Living Gospel Family thanks you for visiting our web-site. Revealing  God's Love in the face of Jesus Christ is what we desire to imitate. We believe that our  ministry will embrace you with this Love. Our Pastor is serious about building God's kingdom and he is led by God to do so. He has led many individuals and families to successful relationships in Christ. Our ministerial team services a wide range of helps for the human family. The LVG team has great confidence in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Commitment, participation in the scheduled services, believing in the name of Jesus, being proactive in praise and worship, and following the instructions of this Pastor, builds great confidence in the promises of God. When biblical instructions are followed, overcoming everyday obstacles and enjoying unprecedented victories will become a way of life. Faith in the Word of God received from the team at Living Gospel ministries will transform and renew the mind to understand and accept what God really wants for the individual man, woman and child.